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The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into topics including creating joy, tuning into your intuition, personal growth & living well and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.
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Mar 27, 2018

The Well Essentials was founded by Global Health Dietitian Megan Faletra, and inspires others to cultivate a healthy life that is filled with intention, and rooted in love and compassion, both for ourselves, for others, and for the greater world around us.


We Talk About:

  • Meg’s career of being a humanitarian
  • How she switched gears after her first job and went back to school
  • The less sexy parts of totally switching your career - like living at home and debt
  • How to be optimistic when you’re a humanitarian
  • How to take care of yourself when there’s a lot of hardship in your career path
  • Sustainable fashion 101 - what is it
  • How to go through your wardrobe mindfully
  • How to shop sustainably, why it matters and who it effects
  • The pros and cons of donating clothes
  • Making positive changes for the environment and sustainability
  • The power of starting small
  • Why being an example is far better than preaching
  • Practical ways to practice sustainability


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What happened when Meg stopped shopping fast fashion


Companies that make sustainable living easier


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Mar 20, 2018

On this week’s episode I’m chatting with the creator of & popular instagram @tahlulahalexandra - Alexandra Dawson. Alley and I first met last spring when we went to Wanderlust with Perfect Bar. Alley is thoughtful, wise, nurturing and genuine.


⁃ How Alley got into blogging

⁃ The power and importance of making space in your life for adventures and expansion both big and small

⁃ How she’s kept it real since day 1

⁃ How Alley’s definition of health has changed and stayed the same over her 5 years of blogging

⁃ Alley shares her experience with transitioning out of a strictly vegan diet and why her son was a big part of that change

⁃ How she slowly shared that transition with her community and why she believes she received love versus negativity

⁃ The power of celebrating plants versus focusing on what’s not on your plate

⁃ We talk how she’s healing her IBS

⁃ Why family was a big part of her decision

⁃ How she’s going on the FODMAP protocol to help heal

⁃ Why it’s not for everyone

⁃ What’s she’s learned from the experience

⁃ Her advice to anyone who is struggling with IBS

⁃ Non-food related healing strategies

⁃ Why it’s ok to make food choices that support your health without feeling like you’re on a “diet”

⁃ Why mindset matters so much in healing


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Mar 13, 2018

Staying Healthy Without Obsession While Working a 9-5 Job & How to Balance Your Side Hustle with a Social Life with Lestraundra Alfred

On today’s episode, we’re diving into a highly requested topic with one of my favorite past guests who was actually the first person I ever interviewed. We’re talking about how to be well when you’re in a 9-5 job, without letting it take over your life.

We also talk about why having a social life is so key even when you’re building a side business that’s your passion. I’m so happy that Les from the Balanced Berry is back on the pod to chat today. I had the pleasure of meeting Les in LA when I was there for the GOOD fest and I just think she’s so awesome. I loved how practical today's’ episode is, and I hope you will too.

We Talk About

  • Les’s morning routine
  • The transitions she’s made in her life and how they’ve affected her business
  • How narrowing her focus helped her find clarity with her blog
  • How to create a daily work/life routine that fills you up without getting monotonous
  • How she stays in tune with her needs and adjusts that routine when needed
  • Practical hacks to making morning routines with workouts easier
  • The balance between planning out the week with having spontaneity
  • Tips for staying energized and productive during the day
  • Tools for prepping food and meals for the week without it taking over your life
  • How to deal with food judgment in the office
  • The power of taking breaks
  • How to balance having fun on the weekends and working on your side hustle
  • Letting go of anxiety and “should” do’s - how she gets past it

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Mar 6, 2018

Meredith Hanson is a Nantucket-based artist specializing in oils and gouache. Her art is fantastic and even more fantastic is Meredith’s truly kind heart. Meredith’s also a super savvy entrepreneur and has collaborated with a range of businesses to infuse her style and design off the canvas and into real life.


I wanted to have Meredith on the show because she’s one of the kindest most genuine people I know, not to mention crazy talented. I had a hunch that she’s not this way by accident either. We dive into how she got to the island, what her creative process looks like, how she coaches herself and the power of positivity.


We Talk About:

  • Meredith’s approach to exercise outside the gym
  • Her short venture into city life
  • How Meredith found her way to living on Nantucket year-round
  • How she got started with her creative career
  • The partnership that transformed her business
  • How she manages her inner critic and why it’s more of a coach
  • Her work as a teacher and using positivity to create change and growth
  • Why she chooses joy
  • The power of positivity
  • The importance of protecting your energy
  • How to recharge when you’re having a tough day


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