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The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into a topic related to wellness and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.
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May 23, 2017

I was so excited to score an hour of today’s guest time. Holly Finigan is the creator of the Nantucket blACKbook a modern day marketing agency. It’s pretty much a go-to guide for all things food & drink, shopping, and real estate on island. She’s one of the hardest working female entrepreneurs I know. Not only that, but she runs her business with a spirit of creativity, growth, positivity and best of all, a great sense of humor.


On this episode we talk about

  • How Holly first discovered Nantucket
  • How Holly first created her brand Nantucket blACKbook and how it's evolved
  • The power of community and support in local business
  • Dealing with resistance when you start something new (and different)
  • When Holly knew it was time to take her side hustle full time
  • Learning through experience what collaborations were not on brand
  • Creating boundaries and the power of saying "no" to opportunities that aren't for you
  • The importance of the "YOU" factor in influencer marketing
  • How attitudes are changing around influencer marketing
  • The importance of slowing down to build a strategy for your brand
  • Taking the high road when bullshit comes around
  • Handling negative feedback with grace (and humor)
  • Where Holly sees her brand evolving

This episode is perfect for anyone who

  • is navigating the world of blogging and influencer marketing
  • runs or aspires to run a small business
  • wants to hear what the behind the scenes of an online business looks like
  • wants to expand and utilize their local network
  • needs help establishing boundaries and when to say "no"
  • wants a good laugh, seriously Holly is hilarious and so fun to talk/listen to


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