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The Chasing Joy Podcast shares meaningful conversations about wellness that will bring energy and joy into your life. Every week Chasing Joy dives into topics including creating joy, tuning into your intuition, personal growth & living well and brings on new guests with expertise in that area. This podcast will entertain, educate and inspire you to live a more joyful, energized life.
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May 29, 2018

[Solo] My Manifestation Practice, Law of Attraction & Following Intuition


Today’s episode is me, myself and I talking about my experience with manifestation, the law of attraction and intuition.

I’m obsessed with this topic and it’s something that deeply fascinates me. I’m excited to chat informally about my experience and share tools with you that have helped me.

I recommend you listen with a dose of healthy curiosity even if this topic isn’t something you know a lot about or really excites you. For me it took years to really sink in so I totally feel you if it’s a little weird at first.

On this episode I talk about:

  • My relationship with my intuition as a kid
  • How I followed my gut before I got the evidence
  • Why I never loved following rules
  • How I felt conflicted between logic and my gut
  • The personality frameworks I love
  • How I first discovered law of attraction
  • My biggest takeaway for practicing the law of attraction
  • Alignment before action
  • Why belief is the core of manifestation for me
  • The power of limiting beliefs and how to let them go
  • Releasing the need for an outcome
  • Practicing feeling good without external circumstances
  • Some physical manifestations I’ve experienced
  • How I turn on the ease
  • The thing I love the most about Law of Attraction






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May 22, 2018

Holly Finigan is the creator of Nantucket Blackbook, a website, digital brand and experience space on Nantucket (and beyond.)


We Talk About:

  • What it’s like to be in on the party early
  • How to handle negativity
  • The importance of stepping back
  • Slowing down your responses & the power of the pause
  • Holly’s experience with heart surgery
  • If you know you have to do something - do it before it has to be done
  • What it’s like waking up from heart surgery
  • Healing without a mom
  • Healing with medical marijuana
  • Why airbnb gift cards are the best for someone healing
    Dealing with the grief of losing a parent
  • Why grief can be about losing identity too
  • You don’t need to compare struggles to feel validated or valued
  • Why “Comparison is an addiction to losing”
  • How Holly brings the lessons she’s learned from her healing to her daily life
  • Evolution as a person, brand and place
  • Amazing tips for taking a break from social media




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May 15, 2018

The Power of Mindset in Healing, Privilege in Wellness & Getting Into Alignment with Meg Dixon & Victoria Myers

On today’s podcast I’m talking with Meg Dixon & Victoria Myers, co-owners of Nourishing Minds Nutrition and the Nourishing Women Podcast. They’re experts in helping women heal gut and hormonal issues with a history of orthorexia. I love these women so much and had the pleasure of recording this episode with them in person when I was in Florida last month.

Today’s episode is a magical hybrid of a Q&A, interview and roundtable. We have discussions on 5 main topics that are all very top of mind for each of us. Think of this as a wellness without obsession podcast buffet! Because this is a slightly new format I’d love to hear what you think. Leave a review on iTunes or message me on instagram.

Roundtable Topics:

1.) The Power of Mindset in Healing

2.) The Grey Area of Consuming Content

3.) Wellness Privilege

4.) Thin Body Privilege

5.) Practical Ways to Get Into Alignment

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May 8, 2018

Eating Disorder Recovery & Carving Your Own Empowered Path in Wellness - with Engrid Latina

This week I’m chatting with my amazing friend Engrid. I’m so grateful that the universe brought us together. From our first conversation, I felt like we connected on a soul sister kinda level and I’m so excited to see how both our paths unfold. This conversation feels intimate and deep and winding in such a wonderful way. We talk about her experience with an eating disorder and how she found her way out. We also discuss working in an industry that’s shrouded in diet culture and trying to break the mold by carving out your own path.


We Talk About:

  • Engrid’s background
  • Her story with anorexia
  • The root of how the eating disorder manifested
  • The non-linear path of recovering
  • How she became a personal trainer
  • How training and fitness was a slow stepping stone forward in recovery
  • Slow progress is still progress
  • The power and importance of therapy
  • The guilt that comes with realizing that you may have contributed to diet culture in the past - even if it’s not what you believe now
  • Why it’s important not to demonize communities
  • Why you can’t recover for someone else
  • Navigating being a personal trainer that doesn’t focus on weight loss in an industry steeped in diet culture
  • The fear we have of our bodies changing
  • Desires for appearance always boil down to seeking love
  • Why we don’t want to be a gurus


Connect with Engrid:

May 1, 2018

The History of Diet Culture, The Negative Impacts of Weight Stigma and Thin Privilege with Christy Harrison

Christy Harrison is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor and the host of Food Psych Podcast. She specializes in helping people make peace with food and reclaim the time and energy they lost to The Life Thief of diet culture.

We Talk About:

  • How Christy got into the work she’s doing now, her history of disordered eating and
  • Why eating disorders don’t always look like what society tells us they do
  • What is diet culture?
  • This history of diet culture and fatphobia - and how it intersects with racism and sexism
  • larger bodies associated with races that were lower on racist evolutionary scales
  • class status associated with body size
  • Scientific studies didn’t precede focus on smaller bodies - culture dictated medicine
  • Why weight stigma negatively impacts people in larger bodies more than the weight itself
  • What is thin privilege
  • Internalized fat phobia versus externalized fatphobia
  • How can people with thin privilege help use that privilege for good
  • Knowing your boundaries when it comes to being an ally
  • How to identifying diets in disguise
  • Nocebo effect - why your brain is so powerful
  • Why being present in your life is more important than eating perfectly


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Apr 24, 2018

Ep. 63 - Limiting Beliefs, Attracting Relationships & The Power of Pleasure - Salona Carlisle

As a self-realization coach, transformational guide, and feminine embodiment facilitator, Salona guides women on the journey into radical self-love and back to their essential wholeness.  Through her body-centered approach, Salona empowers her clients in releasing the limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that keep us stuck and under-realized, so they can liberate their fullest potential, while doing their soul’s sacred work in the world.  Her mission is to empower women around the world in discovering their innermost beauty, divine purpose, and personal joy in life so that they can embody their unique brilliance while flourishing in living radiant, enriched lives.

We Talk About:

  • The power and importance of pleasure
  • How Salona got into the work she’s doing now
  • We dive deep into the topic of limiting beliefs
  • What are they
  • How do we identify them
  • How to retrain ourselves to not believe them
  • Salona’s biggest key for attracting relationships, romantic or friendships

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Apr 17, 2018

Ep. 62 - The Power of Being Resourceful, Embracing Opportunity and Change & Creating Joy and Energy in an Intense Career with Christine Skari

This week I'm chatting with a friend, Christine Skari who I've been connected with for years through the food blogging community. I've loved watching Christine's path unfold as she has created an incredible wedding photography business.

I especially wanted to talk to Christine because I knew she would have some amazing insights into creative work and being resourceful as well as being open to your path changing. I love where this conversation went!

About Christine:

Christine is a self-made food blogger and wedding photographer who enjoys cuddling her two sweet kittens, drinking coffee like it's going out of style, and staying in pajamas for as long as possible.

We Talk About:

  • How Christine discovered photography and taught herself in college
  • What it was like to go into a career that had nothing to do with your degree
  • Transitions - how she adapted from college to working for herself full-time
  • Why talent doesn’t just happen overnight
  • the importance of just starting and the power of momentum
  • Being resourceful and teaching yourself new skills
  • Fighting overwhelm in busy seasons of life
  • Handling a busy schedule with joy
  • What it’s like to be a young woman owning a business
  • Fighting imposter syndrome
  • The importance of attracting and repelling with your energy
  • Owning your worth
  • The balance of when to accept free work versus charging
  • The power of photography to change your mindset

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Apr 10, 2018

This week we’re diving into all things essential oils. This is a topic I’ve wanted to explore for a long time and I’m so glad that I connected with Kelsey. Oils are getting a lot of hype, but as a curious semi-skeptical person I want to know why. Kelsey answers all that and so much more.

Kelsey Faehl was a Forensic Scientist turned stay at home/work from home Mom. She is now a Certified Aromatherapist and Aromatherapy Teacher in Philadelphia, PA and holds classes and workshops monthly. She says, “My passion is plants. My calling is to help. My purpose is to love.”


We Talk About:

  • What are essential Oils
  • How they work in our bodies
  • The most beneficial uses for oils
  • Different common ailments and the best oils for them
  • How do different smells impact our mood
  • Common misconceptions about essential oils?
  • Kelsey’s experience with a natural birth
  • Handling pain in a positive, empowered way
  • The power of breath
  • Relaxing versus resisting the pain
  • Detaching from your stories of pain
  • Confrontation - why the fear is worse than the actual reality


Details for the Live Podcast Event



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Apr 3, 2018

If you can believe it, [I barely can] we are at episode 60 of the Chasing Joy Podcast. What the what?! I guess time flies when you're podcasting! Every 10 episodes I reach out to you, my amazing audience for questions and I do a Q&A style episode. These shows are so fun because I get to hear what you're interested in.

Lately I've been recruiting people near and dear to me to help me record these because it's just more fun that way. My sister has hosted, Chris has hosted (twice) and now my mom is joining in on the fun! She totally killed it. We dive into a bunch of fun, food, body image, relationship, wedding and business questions.

If you missed asking your question, no fear because I'm always available to answer questions on the Joy Squad, the private Facebook group!

Questions I Answer (with my mom)


  • If you were a bagel what flavor would you be and why?
  • Also dogs or cats? And if you could adopt your dream fur baby what would they look like?
  • Curious about matcha benefits vs coffee?
  • What book are you currently reading and loving?
  • Do you have any tips for restful sleep?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?
  • Favorite spot on Nantucket? In winter, spring, summer and fall?
  • What is your favorite coffee brand?
  • What are your top go-to favorite podcasts and/or blogs? Also what kind of music do you listen to?? Favorite artists/bands/Spotify playlists/etc
  • Would love to know what your morning routine has been looking like lately
  • How did you spend the summer after your senior year before college & any tips?
  • How do you take yourself away from something emotional that you feel you aren’t in control of? [like the news]
  • How do you deal with comparison?
  • What do you do to take care of yourself when you're going through a tougher patch/transition in life?
  • You’ve talked about dealing with depression in the past - what do you do each day now to live joyously?
  • I would love to hear you talk about your manifestation practice and what you’ve learned about Law of Attraction?

Intuitive eating and movement

  • What does intuitive movement look like for you at this stage in your life?
  • What did you find most helpful to develop positive body image and self-love in recovery?
  • What’s been your biggest tip from stepping away from food obsession and truly loving and eating intuitively?
  • How to navigate intuitive eating with inflammatory conditions?
  • The other day you talked about having a bad body image day and I would love to hear more about how you manage those
  • What are a few things that helped you through your ED recovery? Also, did you read any recovery books during that time?
  • Do you have a favorite way to wind down at night and just calm your mind and body?
  • Do you have any tips for night eating?
  • What are some of your go-to meal ideas?
  • I'd love to know if you have any tips on how to support friends w/ certain diet restrictions (for autoimmune conditions, etc) while still staying in your own lane and not trying to "compete" with them in terms of health [use diving team analogy, guitar]
  • I would love more insight on your relationship with alcohol/ how did you come to this mentality? Where are you at with alcohol (in tears of wellness w/o restriction)


  • How do you turn social media connections into real life connections?
  • How do you balance your romantic relationship and friendships? I personally find it hard to feel like I have a good balance of spending time with my boyfriend while also finding time for quality 1:1 time with my friends.
  • How did you know your fiancé was the one? I feel like that’s such a big decision to make and I see all my friends around me do it and none of them have been able to tell me how they knew.
  • How do you and Chris keep the magic alive and deal with differences?
  • What are you favorite dates with Chris?
  • When is your wedding? What has been the most fun part of planning? Have you been bombarded by others' opinions or judgments about your wedding decisions and if so, how did you deal with that?


  • I am curious about your transition to being your own boss! Any tips on starting to freelance would be awesome.
  • How were you able to go from a steady consistent job to working for yourself knowing you might make less money at first or it might not be as consistent?
  • I’d love to know about your blogging dos and don’t, and podcasting!
  • How has podcasting changed the way you blog?
  • What was it like moving back to a small town after living in a bigger city? Were you nervous about finding work?

Resources I mention:

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Mar 27, 2018

The Well Essentials was founded by Global Health Dietitian Megan Faletra, and inspires others to cultivate a healthy life that is filled with intention, and rooted in love and compassion, both for ourselves, for others, and for the greater world around us.


We Talk About:

  • Meg’s career of being a humanitarian
  • How she switched gears after her first job and went back to school
  • The less sexy parts of totally switching your career - like living at home and debt
  • How to be optimistic when you’re a humanitarian
  • How to take care of yourself when there’s a lot of hardship in your career path
  • Sustainable fashion 101 - what is it
  • How to go through your wardrobe mindfully
  • How to shop sustainably, why it matters and who it effects
  • The pros and cons of donating clothes
  • Making positive changes for the environment and sustainability
  • The power of starting small
  • Why being an example is far better than preaching
  • Practical ways to practice sustainability


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How Meg Created a Sustainable Wardrobe


What happened when Meg stopped shopping fast fashion


Companies that make sustainable living easier


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Mar 20, 2018

On this week’s episode I’m chatting with the creator of & popular instagram @tahlulahalexandra - Alexandra Dawson. Alley and I first met last spring when we went to Wanderlust with Perfect Bar. Alley is thoughtful, wise, nurturing and genuine.


⁃ How Alley got into blogging

⁃ The power and importance of making space in your life for adventures and expansion both big and small

⁃ How she’s kept it real since day 1

⁃ How Alley’s definition of health has changed and stayed the same over her 5 years of blogging

⁃ Alley shares her experience with transitioning out of a strictly vegan diet and why her son was a big part of that change

⁃ How she slowly shared that transition with her community and why she believes she received love versus negativity

⁃ The power of celebrating plants versus focusing on what’s not on your plate

⁃ We talk how she’s healing her IBS

⁃ Why family was a big part of her decision

⁃ How she’s going on the FODMAP protocol to help heal

⁃ Why it’s not for everyone

⁃ What’s she’s learned from the experience

⁃ Her advice to anyone who is struggling with IBS

⁃ Non-food related healing strategies

⁃ Why it’s ok to make food choices that support your health without feeling like you’re on a “diet”

⁃ Why mindset matters so much in healing


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Mar 13, 2018

Staying Healthy Without Obsession While Working a 9-5 Job & How to Balance Your Side Hustle with a Social Life with Lestraundra Alfred

On today’s episode, we’re diving into a highly requested topic with one of my favorite past guests who was actually the first person I ever interviewed. We’re talking about how to be well when you’re in a 9-5 job, without letting it take over your life.

We also talk about why having a social life is so key even when you’re building a side business that’s your passion. I’m so happy that Les from the Balanced Berry is back on the pod to chat today. I had the pleasure of meeting Les in LA when I was there for the GOOD fest and I just think she’s so awesome. I loved how practical today's’ episode is, and I hope you will too.

We Talk About

  • Les’s morning routine
  • The transitions she’s made in her life and how they’ve affected her business
  • How narrowing her focus helped her find clarity with her blog
  • How to create a daily work/life routine that fills you up without getting monotonous
  • How she stays in tune with her needs and adjusts that routine when needed
  • Practical hacks to making morning routines with workouts easier
  • The balance between planning out the week with having spontaneity
  • Tips for staying energized and productive during the day
  • Tools for prepping food and meals for the week without it taking over your life
  • How to deal with food judgment in the office
  • The power of taking breaks
  • How to balance having fun on the weekends and working on your side hustle
  • Letting go of anxiety and “should” do’s - how she gets past it

Connect with Les

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Mar 6, 2018

Meredith Hanson is a Nantucket-based artist specializing in oils and gouache. Her art is fantastic and even more fantastic is Meredith’s truly kind heart. Meredith’s also a super savvy entrepreneur and has collaborated with a range of businesses to infuse her style and design off the canvas and into real life.


I wanted to have Meredith on the show because she’s one of the kindest most genuine people I know, not to mention crazy talented. I had a hunch that she’s not this way by accident either. We dive into how she got to the island, what her creative process looks like, how she coaches herself and the power of positivity.


We Talk About:

  • Meredith’s approach to exercise outside the gym
  • Her short venture into city life
  • How Meredith found her way to living on Nantucket year-round
  • How she got started with her creative career
  • The partnership that transformed her business
  • How she manages her inner critic and why it’s more of a coach
  • Her work as a teacher and using positivity to create change and growth
  • Why she chooses joy
  • The power of positivity
  • The importance of protecting your energy
  • How to recharge when you’re having a tough day


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Feb 27, 2018

Practical Tools for Every Day Joy, Building Confidence in Your 20’s and 30’s and Being “Un-You” with Dr. Samantha Boardman

Sam received her medical degree from Cornell University Medical College, then went back to school to get her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and has been practicing Positive Psychology, the study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive, ever since.

Positive Prescription is about how psychology, science, art and culture collide, + Samantha talks on a range of subjects, from ways to improve your love life or get out of the friendzone, to dealing with party anxiety, to boosting your everyday mental wellbeing, and everything in between.


We Talk About:

  • what is positive psychology - why it’s different from traditional psychiatry
  • how to make the most of difficult situations
  • she shares the story of how Irene totally transformed her jury duty experience
  • the power that comes from really positive people
  • how your attitude can completely shape your experience
  • patterns of happy people
  • what it means to be “un-you”
  • how to tell the difference between self-care and using self-care as an excuse
  • how to develop confidence as 20 something's
  • how to make friends in your 20’s
  • the importance of growth for happiness
  • the power of loose connections and small talk for happiness


Connect with Doctor Samantha Boardman

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Feb 20, 2018

On today’s episode I’m talking with one of my all time favorite podcasters. This guest is someone I’ve wanted to have on the show since day one. I just wanted to make sure I was at a place where I could make the most of the episode. Nicole is so honest, real, interesting, insightful and relatable. I love her podcast because she has hard, honest and insightful conversations and I always leave feeling more connected.

On this episode we talk about

  • Accountability in order to do meaningful work
  • Getting work done in the morning and what it takes to start a new habit
  • Nicole’s story - how she came to podcasting and sharing honest conversations
  • The process of changing and evolving
  • Why it’s important to be honest with ourselves first
  • Balancing grit and grace
  • What it’s like to let go of identities like “runner”
  • Why big hard changes can happen slowly
  • Sometimes you need to transfer obsessions to get healthier
  • What Nicole has learned from long distance hiking
  • Why hard things gives us strength and confidence
  • The power of having positive self-talk and why it matters in other areas of life

Connect with Nicole:

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Feb 13, 2018

1 Year Podiversary, Redefining Health, Embracing Joy Everyday & How I’m Thinking About the Future

On this week's episode, I celebrate a year (and a week) of podcasting by sharing some of the insights I've learned about joy and health from my guests and my own life. 

I Talk About:

  • Mini GOODfest Recap
  • Struggle & Win
  • What I've learned from Podcasting
  • How to listen better (not interrupt or project)
  • The importance of deep conversations
  • Sharing your voice
  • Letting go of control and perfection
  • What I've learned about health
  • It comes in so many shapes and sizes
  • Health means something different to so many people depending on their lives and stories
  • The more context we get the better able we are to apply lessons they've learned
  • You don't need to agree with 100% of what someone says to find value in their work and story
  • We have so much in common and are also so different
  • What I've Learned About Joy
  • It's usually the most simple things (like people & dogs)
  • We can have joy every single day if we like
  • It's vulnerable to be joyful in a world that's always bringing us down
  • It's important to be present in our lives to fully feel joy
  • Joy doesn't have to be at the bottom of your to-do list - you're allowed to prioritize it

Links I Mention:


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Feb 6, 2018

Ayurveda 101 & Why Health Isn’t the End Goal with Sahara Rose

I’m diving into the topic of Ayurveda with Sahara Rose. Sahara has a really cool story and brings so much passion and knowledge. This is one of those episodes where I can definitely relisten a couple times to get all the great information.

We Talk About:

  • Sahara’s story of how she connected with Ayurveda
  • What Ayurveda is
  • How Sahara takes a modern accessible approach
  • The Ayurveda practices that we do without even realizing
  • How Ayurveda and yoga are connected
  • All about the 3 doshas
  • What they are & how to tell if they are in balance
  • All about the 7 Chakras
  • How to tell if they are out of balance (and what to do)
  • Sahara’s take on self-care

Connect with Sahara Rose:

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Jan 30, 2018

Gut Health, Why Calories Aren’t an Accurate Measurement of Nutrition & Intuitive Living in an Office Job with Victoria Myers

Today's podcast I sit down with Victoria Myers who is a Registered Dietitian specializing in hormonal and gut health. She's one half of the dynamic duo behind Nourishing Minds Nutrition and the Nourishing Women Podcast. Vicotria and Meg are traditional eaters and untraditional dietitians. Through their practice, they empower women to find peace with food, heal digestion & regulate hormones. 

I loved this conversation so much. Victoria is such a wealth of knowledge and she shares it with compassion. I love her approach to health, wellness, and healing. This episode is perfect for anyone who is struggling with gut issues and especially if they've previously struggled with disordered eating. We also dive into developing hobbies outside of food, living intuitively when you work in an office and have less flexibility and so much more. I didn't want this episode to end. Like with so many of my guests, I so dearly wish we were neighbors because I'm pretty sure we'd be FAST friends.

We Talk About:

  • Victoria’s story - how she got into the work she’s doing now as a dietitian with a private practice
  • What her husband taught Victoria about intuitive eating
  • Misconceptions about gut health
  • Where to start when you know you have gut health issues
  • The connections between SIBO and disordered eating
  • Why food is a part of your health, but not all of your health
  • When an elimination diet isn’t right to heal (when it’s right and when it might not help)
  • Why holistic health CAN be part of intuitive eating
  • Finding a middle ground between wellness and realness #wellnesswithoutobsession
  • Why calories aren’t a complete measurement of nutrition
  • Why dieting causes our bodies to gain weight in the long-term
  • Why binging and restricting go hand in hand
  • Why stopping restricting is the key to stopping binging
  • Why food is an awesome part of your life but not the only part of your life
  • Other practices outside of food that support the healing journey
  • How to deal with losing your “healthy” identity
  • How slowing down can create more time
  • You have to choose to slow down
  • Fears about intuitive eating
  • Dealing with weight gain
  • Body acceptance versus self-love
  • Intuitive living within a 9-5
  • make meal prep fun - bring options for enough food throughout the day
  • If you work out in the morning make sure you’re still prioritizing sleep

Connect with Victoria

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Jan 23, 2018

Dealing with Comparison, Building Confidence in Your 20’s, Balancing Social Media and Real Life & So Much More - Q&A Episode

Every 10 episodes of the Chasing Joy Podcast I flip the mic and have YOU ask me the questions. This round of Q&A did not disappoint. So many wonderful thoughtful questions ranging from body image, intuitive eating, spending time alone, budget-friendly activities to do with friends, photography tips and so much more!

I had my partner in crime, my fiance Chris help me out and ask the questions as well as give his 2 cents. I love having him on the show because he balances me out and always has something encouraging or a good story to share.

Questions Covered:


  • When you first started intuitive eating did you find your choices weren’t all that nutritious?
  • Do you exercise? Is there any kind of exercise you enjoy? How to deal with the sometimes cliqueness of the group exercise scene?
  • How can you tell you’re at a good weight for your body?
  • Do you have any advice for dealing with acne and living with a society that hates on it so much?
  • How do you stay sane trying to gain weight in a world trying to lose weight?
  • Do you have tips for getting away from calorie counting and the fear of gaining weight?


  • How do you get comfortable doing fun things alone? How did you get comfortable going places and eating alone or was it not hard for you?
  • How do you like to productively spend your alone time?
  • Do you have any tips for gaining confidence in your 20’s?
  • What are some of your favorite activities to do with your partner and/or friends that are budget friendly? What are your favorite date night ideas?
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with your family?
  • What do you do in the evening? I’m not a huge fan of bars or going out, but get super bored in these winter months
  • How do you and Chris navigate "me time" while living together? - To elaborate, my boyfriend and I have been living together for 5ish months now after doing long distance for 2 years and while it's overwhelmingly WONDERFUL, I am definitely more independent/introverted than he is. I'm having trouble wading through feeling guilty for needing alone time when he wants to hang out, and not wanting to hurt his feelings by saying I need a break from all human interaction (including and especially his) sometimes. - Is it wrong to need alone time away from your partner?
  • How do you practice enjoying the moment and be more present each day. It’s hard to not look forward to the next adventure
  • Do you ever compare yourself to others- how do you get out of it?
  • How do you manage a budget after graduating college while looking for jobs?
  • What's the habit you're most proud of or brings most joy to your life?
  • What are some ways that you balance social media with real life?
  • I'm really curious what you do to "put away" your technology. I've noticed certain things like my phone starting to consume all of my free time. It's easy to set a resolution and say "I'm gonna use my phone less" but it's SO hard to actually do it. Got any advice?
  • What are some of your favorite books, whether it’s all-time or one you’ve been wanting to read or have recently gotten into?
  • What’s your favorite coffee drink?
  • Do you have tips for home brewing coffee?


  • How do you find your passion when you’re not sure what it is? (wants to change jobs)
  • How do you deal with loneliness when you work for yourself? How do you forge meaningful connections when so much networking can be done from behind a screen?
  • Do you have any food photography tips?
  • Do you have advice to someone who is interested in learning photography but is overwhelmed?
  • How do you grow an authentic tribe online through social media?
  • How do you think net neutrality will affect the blogging industry?
  • Would you mind sharing tips and tricks to cultivate an income from your blog?

Links Mentioned

Nourishing Women's Podcast

Blog Posts I Mentioned:

Malcolm Gladwell Books

Chris's Favorite Books

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Jan 16, 2018

Amanda MacKenzie is a writer from Cambridge, MA. After graduating from the University of Richmond, she taught English in Hungary, earned a Master of Divinity, and become an ordained Congregational minister. In her thirties, Amanda had a do-over and went to work on a small farm.

Her crowning achievement was a rustic country wedding for a hundred, after which she drank all the leftover wine straight from the bottle and decided to stick to cooking for fun. Today she is a part-time professor of world religions, preaches, meditates, and practices yoga. She believes in the power of positivity, possibility, and good coffee. The Do-Over is her first book. 


We Talk About:

  • Practical ways to find joy
  • Changing life paths
  • How Amanda found the law of attraction - like attracting like
  • How to manifest and attract things into your life
  • How to find joy in every day
  • Difference between efforting work versus flowing work
  • Letting go of having it all figured out
  • The difference between having the perfect life on paper and having a life that feels good
  • Focusing on feeling good first, then taking action
  • Why life is about change
  • Creating a life that feels right
  • Letting go of caring what other people think about how your life looks
  • Not attaching to the “How” of your goals
  • The power of appreciating things
  • Practicing enjoying
  • Surrounding yourself with people who feel good


Connect with Amanda:

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Jan 9, 2018

Siena Dixon founded Bootsy Chuchu after solving her own decade-long menstrual health issues naturally. Bootsy Chuchu seeks to provide natural alternatives to hormonal contraception for menstrual regulation with science-backed products users enjoy and feel proud to own. Her mission as an advocate is to bring the topic of menstrual health into daily conversation and contribute to the growing community of women who are changing the way we think and talk about it. Siena is also the Head of Communications and Marketing for a global eyewear brand called Ollie Quinn.

We Talk About:

  • Siena’s health journey and how she discovered the importance of menstrual health and its connection to overall health
  • What it was like to come off the pill after 10 years of using it to regulate her cycle
  • How she got her regular menstrual cycle back after it being abnormal for so long
  • How and why she started her business Bootsy Chuchu and the first hormonal balancing elixir
  • Things to look out for when coming off the pill in order to get a regular cycle back
  • Health and wellness rituals that help support a healthy cycle
  • What we can learn about our energy and moods from our hormonal cycle
  • How our society treats menstrual health and why that is changing now
  • Wellness habits Siena practices and ones that she’s let go of
  • We talk about journaling strategies and benefits like how it helps with overwhelm and stress
  • We talk about low key wedding planning

Connect with Siena:

Discount the GOODfest in LA: CHASINGJOY10

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Jan 2, 2018

Balancing functional nutrition with western medicine, Katie’s empowering view on body image and finding sanity and self-care in busy seasons with Katie Lemons


Katie has her masters in functional medicine nutrition and is currently in PA school. She’s got a super popular instagram page @twist_of_lemons where she shares creative recipes, valuable knowledge about functional nutrition all with her puntastic sense of humor.


We talk about:

  • Katie’s education and career path
  • Why she chose to go to PA school and master in nutrition
  • How to keep going when life (ie school) gets really tough
  • How to find inspiration and motivation
  • How to go through hard things with grit
  • Why it’s so important to take care of yourself even when you’re busy
  • Redefining balance and self-care in really busy seasons of life
  • How Katie’s views of nutrition have evolved
  • How Katie makes food choices balancing her intuition and knowledge of nutrition
  • Katie’s thoughts on wellness trends
  • Why self-care is not one size fits all
  • We talk body image and how to shift focus away from your body


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Connect with Katie

On instagram:

On her blog:

Her FAQs (more information on her education and career path)


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Dec 19, 2017

On today’s episode I’m reflecting on the biggest lessons I learned in 2017, this year’s struggles and wins and my intentions for 2018.


Part 1:

My yearly angel card ritual & thoughts on my cards for 2017

Learn about angel cards and make your own here

Buy my favorite cards: Affirmators

Part: 2

My biggest Struggles & Wins for 2017


  • Feeling Lost in London
  • Not feeling enough in my business
  • Not being present or setting up boundaries


  • Getting Engaged
  • Working for myself
  • Rediscovering Nantucket

Part 3:

Lessons Learned in 2017

  1. Alignment before action

Listen: the Lively Show

  1. Honesty & People Pleasing
  2. Eating Intuitively
  3. You are not your thoughts - but you can choose the thoughts that create your reality
  4. You can’t grow in a vacuum

Part 4:

My intentions for 2018

1.) Attract abundance into my business and my life

2.) Grow and attract people to this community who I can help serve and celebrate this amazing life together

3.) Continue to show up fully in my relationships

4.) Surround myself with amazing women who support my growth and make me laugh - and do the same for them in return

5.) Listen to my body’s innate wisdom and continue to practice wellness intuitively

6.) Practice and harness creativity outside of work and do more things just for fun



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Dec 12, 2017

This episode is like that deep soul filled conversation you have with a close friend, except Marian and I had never met. We dive right into so many amazing rich topics about personal growth and relationships. I will warn you there is some deep stuff in here. I really loved this episode because I actually only asked 2 of my prepared questions and the rest of the time we just riffed and dove deeper.

I loved where this conversation went and for anyone who is passionate about showing up as the full version of themselves, I know you’ll love it too! This is a good one to listen to after you’ve done some yoga or are on a long walk or chillin’ sipping a glass of wine (or coffee, or kombucha or tea). In fact, after we got off of the call I thought to myself that Marian is like a warm herbal tea for your soul. I don’t even really know what that means but it definitely felt real!

On this Episode We Talk About:

  • How Marian starts her morning
  • What do you do when you’re under a deadline but want to honor your body when it’s stressed
  • How Marian got started with meditation and how she reframed it to just “breathing”
  • Being still and what meditation is and isn’t
  • What it means to surrender in this moment without the preference on the moment - allowing versus struggling
  • Can I surrender to a moment without labeling the pain as something good or bad?
  • How we can’t really be happy until we embrace pain without judgment of it
  • How our culture has put happiness on a pedestal (and it makes us miserable)
  • Appreciating what each kind of emotion provides in our life
  • Control - why it’s an illusion
  • How we can treat ourselves and others to the best of our ability, without overcompensating and trying to control an outcome
  • Expectations - how they create a false reality in the future and block us from accepting and embracing what is
  • Why sometimes self-love has to be tough love
  • How relationships can be mirrors for our own “stuff”
  • Ask “why am I trying to resist this?”
  • Why self-love can be compassionate and disciplined at the same time
  • Necessary discomfort and why it can be a good thing - there’s magic on the other side of most discomfort
  • Small talk versus deep talk - how to make small talk meaningful
  • Navigating how to handle what other people think of you
  • Sharing your story versus the stories you’re a part of - how do we share our relationships online
  • We discuss how we’re working on people pleasing

Connect with Marian

On instagram:

On her website:


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck


For Full Show Notes Visit:

Dec 5, 2017

Dana is someone I’ve always really admired online. In a saturated health and nutrition space, she’s a breath of fresh air. She combines practical nutrition knowledge with a dose of YOU DO YOU attitude. I wanted to dive into the topics of being well in the winter and Dana totally delivered. I especially loved our conversation around creating a positive mindset in this season versus just trying to get through it. (aka my strategy in the past.) Dana is kind, honest and practical with her tools and knowledge.


We Talk About:

  • How Dana got to the work she’s doing now - designing education plans for fire departments
  • How Dana connected with the firefighting community
  • How Dana feels about the latest wellness trends
  • Why Dana loves working with people one on one versus blanket plans for everyone
  • Thinking about exercise from a community and mental health perspective
  • How to tap into your own version of health
  • Paying attention to your body when you’re learning what works for you - using journaling as a tool for that
  • How to enjoy the holidays without major food anxiety
  • Being mindful around the holidays with food, stress and actually just enjoying yourself
  • Starting small then listening to your hunger and go back for seconds if you want more at big meals
  • Why it takes a while to learn to listen to your internal cues and that’s ok
  • Remember what you’re celebrating - think about things outside of the food to shift your focus
  • How to recover the next day from overeating
  • Focus on adding more nutrient dense foods versus removing foods
  • How to navigate the stressful parts of the holidays
  • Appreciating small wins and picking your battles
  • How to stay active and positive in the cold dark winter months
  • Get outside and associate joy with the winter weather versus mentally block
  • Changing your mindset about winter
  • Winter wellness - how to build up immunity and fight colds
  • -essential oils, bone broth, rest, botanical steam
  • Online realness - how Dana defines being real
  • “I always want to be the same person outside of my phone as I am on my phone”
  • Food comparison on instagram
  • When it’s time to take breaks


Connect with Dana


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